Circuit Prototyping

Made Easy

Design and prototype your circuit using our easy-to-use synthesis platform

Prototyping circuits typically require FPGA boards paired with proprietary and OS-tied software. This solution can be costly and out of reach for most. Engineering institutions, for example, may be able to afford a few of those prototyping boards, but students may not be able to access it immediately when they are ready to work (from home, on the go, etc.). These challenges prevent aspiring engineers with limited resources to achieve their full potential and realize their ideas.


Provide an easy-to-use, platform-agnostic circuit synthesis solution which is physically and financially very accessible. Using a software-based emulation platform, aspiring or established engineers can rapid-prototype their small/mid-sized RTL circuit descriptions into a virtual prototyping environment, significantly increasing ramp up and productivity from anywhere, anytime. Our product, aiming to achieve this goal, is currently being developed in stealth mode.



Alcides Costa

CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Alcides is a proven manager with broad experience in leading IC design training programs and CAD support teams. Before joining inPlace Design Automation, Mr. Costa managed and ramp-up the 1st Brazilian IC design training center in a joint effort with Cadence Design Systems. In 2011, he joined CEITEC Semiconductors, a design house and custom foundry that designs RFID IC solutions for asset inventory management and identification. Mr. Alcides received his BSc in Computer Engineering from the Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in 2005.

Dr. Andre Reis


Dr. Reis is international reference in logic and physical synthesis, having numerous publications (including several patents) in the subject. Professor at UFRGS since 2000, teaching and advising graduate and undergraduate students on technical aspects of EDA. Previously served as Science Advisory Board at Nangate (acquired by Silvaco).



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